Hartford Blend (Espresso, Dark Roast)

Hartford Blend (Espresso, Dark Roast)

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The Hartford Blend is a Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters creation which combines Brazilian, Colombian and Nicaraguan beans.

We take a dark roast of a Brazilian coffee for a dark chocolate taste and a smooth flavor, a dark roast of Colombian beans to add sweetness and extra dark Nicaraguan beans for a deep, bold, slightly smoky flavor.


The Hartford Blend has featured in many beers with local brewery partners, mostly in a number of stouts. We also have a number of espresso addicts that swear by this coffee for its balance and richness in espresso prep.

During all months of the year, this coffee will make a stunning cold brew and from time to time it will be on hand at Pollyanna Brewery in Roselle as a nitro cold brew.


We loved this blend as drip and it works perfectly as espresso. It also works in a french press and makes a great cold brew.