Ethiopia Hamamo Gr2 Washed (Light Roast)

Ethiopia Hamamo Gr2 Washed (Light Roast)

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This washed processed coffee from Ethiopia will serve as a great introduction to an Ethiopian light roast for both the African coffee fans and anyone interested in giving one a try for the first time.

While not a strong fruit flavored coffee, it starts off with a soft grape, lemon and melon tint paired with a buttery texture and a subtle complexity.  The overall flavor is fairly easy going while offering a floral and creamy finish.  There's no mistaking that this is a light African coffee but it won't overwhelm the senses or twist your stomach with an acidic twist.


While you shouldn't expect a fruit forward taste from this coffee, you'll still get a great cross section of African flavors.  Coffee from the Sidamo region will not be the sharpest or acidic in nature but still provide a good gateway to the Ethiopian offerings.


Origin: Tanratu, Sidamo, Ethiopia

Processing method: Washed

Varietal: Heirloom