Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Natural (Light Roast)

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Natural (Light Roast)

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This organic, natural processed coffee from Ethiopia has a mellow tone for a lighter roasted Ethiopian but still has a bit of a tart bite. It strikes a nice balance between the conventionally fruity and tea-like balance normally found in an Ethiopian coffee.

The coffee has a light, soft, grape, apple and berry scent in the grounds and a tart apple taste coupled with a juicy flavor in the brewed form. You’ll find a tea-like lightness and an overall sweeter tone.


This is a coffee for the light roast, sharp coffee types. It also strikes that balance between a typical coffee from Yirgacheffe with the lighter flavor and tea tones but packs enough of a fruity jam to bring in the fruity coffee fans.


This coffee is would work great in a pour over or classic drip.