Nicaragua Esmeralda Natural (Light Roast)

Nicaragua Esmeralda Natural (Light Roast)

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This natural processed coffee from Nicaragua combines a bigger, bolder feel with a light, fruity and overall easy drinking speed.  We have featured Nicaraguan coffees as light roasts in the past and always like finding something with this cross section of flavors to offer to folks who like African natural coffees and the light roast curious.

This coffee starts with a rich and sweet scent that will remind you of the scent of a cherry lollipop (or cough syrup if that doesn't sound bad to you).  While it's a light roast, this will linger on your palette and drop a white chocolate notes and finish with a mildly juicy and tart bite.


Nicaraguan coffees tend to drink bigger than they let on, meaning they will have a heavier, richer flavor despite the roast level.  When combined with a fruit-forward flavor, these coffees can be a welcome diversion from the typical tea-like feel found in many African naturals.  Don't let its Central American origin fool you -- this will be just as exotic as an African coffee.


Origin: La Esmeralda, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Processing method: Natural

Varietal: Caturra, Catuai, Sarchimor