Colombia Cattleya Washed (Medium Roast)

Colombia Cattleya Washed (Medium Roast)

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This washed processed from Colombia is sourced from the Boyaca and Cundinamarca regions of the country and is an aggregate from farms located in these two Andean regions.  Colombian coffees are generally sweeter, easier drinking cups with a lighter, sweet finish.

This coffee starts with a sweet, bright, citrusy scent of grapefruit, cocoa and a mildly nutty tone.  The scent and taste is paired with a syrupy, caramel and juicy finish.  This coffee can be at times complex and surprising in the variation of flavors you'll encounter from sip to sip.


We think this will hit the right notes with medium roast drinkers who want something on the sweeter side of things.  While it has a touch of a cocoa powder taste, the lighter citrus, grapefruit tones are what most will take away from the cup.