Costa Rican Rosa Linda (Medium Roast)

Costa Rican Rosa Linda (Medium Roast)

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This is our second Costa Rican coffee of 2020 and we are excited to have this in the store. This coffee has some of the hallmarks of a good Costa plus a few others that we think makes a great everyday drinker.

This Costa is a medium roast with some pleasant sweet, honey toned, citrusy notes. It has a very mild bite too it (a bit sharper than most other Costa’s) but has a subtle caramel and nutty finish.


It’s an easy drinker, great in nearly any preparation method that will finish off very easy. This coffee has a bit sharper of an edge to it than other Costa Rican coffees we have had but it might make for a nice change of pace from the usual.


This is a versatile coffee that will work great as drip, French press or even cold brew.

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