Peru FTO Gr 1 Washed (Medium Roast)

Peru FTO Gr 1 Washed (Medium Roast)

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This washed processed coffee is sourced from various farms in Peru. It’s a fair trade organic coffee with a high degree of quality (Gr 1 means grade 1, or low rate of defects).

This coffee packs all the classic Peru flavors folks love - a balance of milk chocolate, vanilla and nutty tones along with a creamy finish. One fun difference from our usual Peru option is the hints of a citrus and lemon tones.


Every coffee we have featured from Peru has always been a crowd pleaser. We love these coffees for the drinkability and pleasant chocolaty taste. If you’re looking for a sure fire winner to bring to a friend or to your family, pick this coffee up.


You’ll like this coffee in either drip or French press.