Rwanda Ishema Washed (Medium Roast)

Rwanda Ishema Washed (Medium Roast)

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This washed processed coffee is comes from the Rushashi of Rwanda and is a rare medium roast African coffee in our lineup. We’ve tended to feature African coffees as light and occasionally dark roasts but this coffee fit an open slot and will be a great summer treat. We think the taste will be a fun treat for the warmer summer season.

This coffee has packs a dry fruit, melon and almost grape tint with a balanced sweetness and syrupy finish.  There’s an overall balanced drinkability in this coffee with a low acidity and a pleasant, mild caramel tone too.


Rwandan coffees can be on the exotic end of the spectrum, but this one is really approachable. Medium roast drinkers will find this to be a pleasant change of pace without being offensive or sharp.