Burundi Ngozi Natural (Light Roast)

Burundi Ngozi Natural (Light Roast)

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We grabbed a good amount of another fruity African natural coffee to hold us through the summer.  We think this will hit the spot for the fruity coffee fans and is a nice alternative to the usual Ethiopian's we normally have. 

This natural processed coffee from Burundi has a green apple, peach and yes even a gummy bear flavor in both the smell and taste.  You'll also find a wine-like quality to it along with a mildly tart, sweet aftertaste.  This isn't a very acidic coffee either, the wine vibe will be what sticks out most to some.


We think this is a wonderful change of pace from our usual Ethiopian fruit-forward coffees and will be a rich, but light, flavor to welcome summer.  If you're a fan of the African natural's or want to give a fruity coffee a shot, this will make a good introduction.


This coffee is would work great in a pour over or classic drip.

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