Congo Kivu Natural (Light Roast)
Congo Kivu Natural (Light Roast)

Congo Kivu Natural (Light Roast)

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This organic, natural processed coffee from Congo has wonderfully light, tropical fruit flavor and makes a great summer coffee. It’s is a change of pace from the usual fruity light roasts as it will go down a bit easier than a usual light roast option.

The coffee has a tropical fruit, peach, apricot and strawberry scent in the grounds and a pineapple taste coupled with a plum and stone fruit flavor in the brewed form. You’ll find an overall lightness and a tiny bit of citrus too.


This is a coffee for the light roast, sharp coffee types. It will make a lighter drinker for the summer months and a sweet alternative to our medium and dark roast options.


This coffee is would work great in a pour over or classic drip.

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