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Lions Club Fundraiser: Winnipeg Blend (Dark Roast)

Lions Club Fundraiser: Winnipeg Blend (Dark Roast)

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As part of the partnership with the Lions Club of Glen Ellyn, we are donating $5 for every bag of this coffee purchased!  For more information, see our fundraiser page.

The Winnipeg blend is a Maple Leaf Coffee Roasters creation which combines Brazilian and Guatemalan beans. 

The darker roasted Guatemalan bean brings a sweet, cherry flavor and while the darker roasted Brazilian beans provide a smooth, dry chocolaty taste.


The Winnipeg Blend has found a home in many offices as a general crowd pleaser of a coffee. This dark roast has a smooth taste and a is not a very bold coffee which makes it an easier drinker for those looking for a cozy dark roast to curl up with.

If you’re looking for a pleasant dark roast without any bitterness or burned tasting flavors, you’ll enjoy this blend quite a bit.


This roast works best in a standard coffee maker (drip).

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