El Salvador San Gabriel Washed (Light Roast)

El Salvador San Gabriel Washed (Light Roast)

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This washed processed coffee from El Salvador drinks richer than the usual light roast coffee. It’s been about two years since we last had a coffee from El Salvador and we always love the refreshingly rich but light feel to these coffees.

The coffee has a brown sugar, caramel and sweet scent in the grounds and a caramel, lemon, citrus and hazelnut flavor in the brewed form. Though this is a lighter roast, it’s sort of on the edge of a medium and doesn’t have much acidity to it.


If you’re not usually a light roast coffee drinker but want something on the sweeter side, this might be a great coffee for you. It will be an easy drinker for all fans of medium roasts.


This coffee is would work great in a pour over or classic drip.