Guatemala Huehue (Light Roast)
Guatemala Huehue (Light Roast)

Guatemala Huehue (Light Roast)

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We've got a fresh round of Guatemalan coffee in stock and are happy to welcome this coffee from the Huehue region of Guatemala.  It's got all the classic light roast Guatemalan flavors -- sweet, honey, mild cinnamon and brown sugar notes.  It has a light and easy going overall tone and offers up some lemon, apple and floral tones too.

This lighter Guatemalan is a pleasant light roast but less acidic than other light roasts.  If the idea of a lighter, floral, tea-like coffee is attractive but you don't enjoy the intense, acidic taste of a lighter roast, this coffee may be a good fit for you.


This roast works best in a standard coffee maker (drip).

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