Home for the Holidays Bundle
Home for the Holidays Bundle

Home for the Holidays Bundle

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This holiday season we are ready to help you spend time with your friends and family with this trio of coffees. We hope this collection of coffees will help you enjoy seeing the people who matter in person again!

For Breakfast: The Toronto Blend 

The Toronto Blend has always been our go to breakfast blend and will be a great starting point for your morning.  Wake up with this bright, sweet but smooth option that will please every drinker.

For Afternoon: The Pond Hockey Blend

Our Pond Hockey Blend is a perfect any time of day coffee for gatherings.  This coffee is balanced, sweet and easy going and will make the afternoon conversations flow even easier.

For Anytime: Our Seasonal Blend

Finally, add in our seasonal coffee blend (currently the Winter Blend, 2021 Edition) for a welcoming change of pace.

Add Some Hawaiian Coffee Too!

For a limited time, add in 8oz of a Hawaiian Maui coffee as a treat for yourself.  This coffee from Maui is crisprich and has a pleasantly sweet taste.  It's a nice island coffee with a crisp, clean and mellow finish with some nutty hints.  Save $5 off the regular price of this coffee by purchasing it as part of this package.