Honduras Organic MWP Honey Processed Decaf (Medium Roast)

Honduras Organic MWP Honey Processed Decaf (Medium Roast)

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This organic decaf honey processed coffee from Honduras is a rich, caramel, honey, cinnamon and nutty taste with a creamy finish.


We love to feature honey processed coffees in our lineup because of their balance of sweet, rich, robust flavors with an approachable taste.  There's not a ton of decaf flavor in these beans and if you do happen to pick up any of that taste, you'll quickly forget it when the caramel, brown sugar and nutty hints hit your tongue.  Consider giving this coffee a shot after midday if you want to keep your caffeine intake to a minimum.


This coffee uses a Mountain Water Process (MWP) to remove caffeine from the coffee. This process is performed water and time to remove the caffeine from the beans. Read more information about this process here.