Indonesia Bali Blue Moon (Dark Roast)

Indonesia Bali Blue Moon (Dark Roast)

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Year after year, this Indonesian coffee is a favorite that customers eagerly anticipate making it back around November. It’s the same great tasting dark roast we have had year after year.

These beans are grown in the same groves as orange and other citrus plans which impart a certain amount of citrus flavor into the roast.  This is a citrusy toned, mildly earthy, dark chocolate and big bodied dark roast.


This coffee shares a lot in common with a good Sumatra coffee but is not as rough around the edges. For a dark roast, it retains a lot of flavor and will go down easily without cream. This is an easy drinking coffee no matter the time of day.


This roast works best in as drip or in a French press.

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