Onix Coffee Flight (3 x 8oz different roasts)
Onix Coffee Flight (3 x 8oz different roasts)

Onix Coffee Flight (3 x 8oz different roasts)

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The Onix Coffee Flight

We are introducing a special edition version of our Honduran Onix coffee — a three pack of 8oz bags of coffee of our Honduran Onix. Each version is a different roast level, separated by 10 degrees each.

This is the first Coffee Flight concept we have featured at Maple Leaf Roasters. Though we have wanted to do this for some time, we have not yet found a good coffee (or had the time!) to give this a try yet.


  • Onix A - 415 is the very same we sell on its own and part of the Hartford + Onix blend. This version was roasted to 415 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Onix B - 425 is a darker version which has a much heavier chocolaty flavor with a bit more richness and a very slight fruity note. It was roasted to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Onix C - 435 is an extra dark roast that is the closest thing to a French roast we have ever featured. It’s got all the usual extra dark roasted notes…a smoky rich dark flavor with hints of caramel and a slight sweetness. It was roasted to 435 degrees Fahrenheit.

We are excited for you to see the difference three different roasts of the same coffee make. Though the way we get to each final temperature is a bit different, each took approximately the same amount of time to roast.