Papua New Guina Carpenter Estates Sigri (Medium Roast)

Papua New Guina Carpenter Estates Sigri (Medium Roast)

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We had a bit of extra of this coffee sitting around and finally cleared a space for it in our lineup.  We have approximately 20lbs total of this coffee so if it sounds like a winner to you, pick up as much as you can.

PNG coffees are classically easy drinkers and one of the few to offer a nice nutty tone.  This coffee is a medium roast that with a rich and chocolaty taste. It’s got some pleasant melon notes with a sweet, caramel and nutty hint to round it out.


If you want an easy to drink medium roast with a nice assortment of flavors, this is the place to go.


This roast works best in as drip or in a French press.