Something for Everyone Package
Something for Everyone Package
Something for Everyone Package
Something for Everyone Package

Something for Everyone Package

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2020 Holiday Package

This 2020 holiday season we want to help you find the right coffee for everyone in your life -- even if it's yourself plus some friends and family.  This package is designed to give you every possible option for the coffee loving people in your life.

For the Everyday Drinker: The Calgary Blend

The Calgary Blend is a crowd pleaser, perfect for any coffee drinker.  This blend combines a few of dark roasted coffees and one lighter roast and is tailor made for someone in the mood for a dark roast without a dark roast flavor. It's easy to drink and filling at the same time.

If you are a no-frills coffee drinker or are looking for the perfect gift for that type of person, this is the choice for you.

For the Adventurous Drinker: The Slapshot Blend

The Slapshot Blend is an impressively complex blend of coffees that will impress even the most discerning coffee drinker.  This blend combines a number of darker roasted coffees and one lighter roast to produce a cup that tastes a bit different with every sip.  

If you or a friend are in the mood for a rich, bold, interesting, one of a kind cup of coffee, this is the choice for you.

For the Coffee Snob: Your Choice of the Honduran Bendicion or Honduran Princesa Diana

Finally, take your choice of one of our two limited edition Honduran coffees for the coffee snob in you or in your life.  The Honduran Bendicion will fit great on the sharp, fruity coffee fan while the Honduran Princesa Diana will work with fans of a rich, citrus flavor in their cup.

Need to impress that person searching for an exclusive, single-origin coffee with a story?  Then try one of these two!

Add Some Hawaiian Coffee Too!

For a limited time, add in 8oz of a Hawaiian Maui coffee as a treat for yourself.  This coffee from Maui is crisprich and has a pleasantly sweet taste.  It's a nice island coffee with a crisp, clean and mellow finish.  Save $5 off the regular price of this coffee by purchasing it as part of this package.