Tanzanian Highland Peaberry (Dark Roast)

Tanzanian Highland Peaberry (Dark Roast)

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We found another peaberry coffee from Tanzania to hold us through the summer and think this one is a real winner. Peaberry coffees are tiny little beans that are scrunchy and compact.

This coffee is a dark roast that with a fun lemon tint to it. It’s a bit smoother than some of the other Tanzanians we’ve had. There is also some mild citrus, earthiness and some chocolaty tones. The grounds themselves also have a bit of a floral note but it’s not present in the brewed form.


If you’ve held off on buying our other peaberry coffees because of the spice tones, or want a dark roast with a spring/summer feel (due to the lemon and citrus tones), this is worth a shot. If you’ve liked our other Tanzanians, while this is different than those, it’ll be close enough to make you happy.


This roast works best in as drip or in a French press.