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Uganda White Nile Natural (Light Roast)

Uganda White Nile Natural (Light Roast)

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This organic, natural processed coffee from Uganda has a sharper tone than other fruity African coffees we normally feature. We wanted to bring in an extra light roast coffee to contrast with our softer, but still fruity, Nicaraguan option.

The coffee has a strong tropical fruit scent in the grounds and a blackberry and pineapple taste in the brewed form. You’ll find a sharp, tart aftertaste that will delight the acidic coffee fans.


This is a coffee for the light roast, sharp coffee types. We really enjoyed the overall flavor and tone and think it stands in stark contrast to other fruit forward coffees we normally feature. If you’re buying coffee for a coffee snob or want to give a conventionally sharp African coffee, this is a great option.


This coffee is would work great in a pour over or classic drip.