Vietnam Lotus Washed (Dark Roast)

Vietnam Lotus Washed (Dark Roast)

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This washed processed coffee from Vietnam is a dark roast with a ton of flavor in it. While we have had a Vietnamese coffee in our coffee club before, this is the first coffee we have offered for general sale.

Though this is a dark roast, we tailored the roast to emphasize as much of the original flavor as we could. The coffee has a mix of milk chocolate, peach and green apple tastes. For a dark roast, it has a smooth feel with a medium body and clean finish. This coffee is not punchy or acidic at all and will go down very easy.


If you’re normally a dark roast drinker for the smooth tones, this will be a good choice. But even if you’re not a dark roast fan, but go for the light or mediums for the flavor, you’ll find something interesting in this coffee too.


Origin: Cau Dat, Vietnam

Processing method: Washed

Varietal: Catimor

Altitude: 1400-1600 masl